Many Thanks... by Mark Bates

I have many people to thank for making Sovereign Chess, and this website, what it is...

First, my good friend Nate Conklin asked key questions about the rules, was the first playtester (and victor) of SC, and has helped greatly to make this website what it is.

Next, my wife, Colleen, and daughter Olivia have been extremely helpful and patient through this project.

Brad Elliott took the phenomenal pictures that help bring this site to life!

Freedom Signs has worked hard on logo design, of which I am very excited!

Finally, thanks to all of the playtesters, including: Andy Saleh, Jason Groenink, Trevor Bates, Andy Bates, April Bates, Amanda Elliott, Lord Jacob Elliott of Glencoe, Scotland, Geordie Shafer, Paul Riemenschneider, Donald Briske, Evan Collins, Caleb Severson, Josiah Severson, and Elijah Raymond. All of these people have helped discover creative gameplay, expressed the joys (and frustrations) of the game, and helped to make it what it is today.

And thanks to you for visiting this site, and spreading the word of this new game!

I'm starting a website! by Mark Bates

Welcome to the new Sovereign Chess website! At this time, I am providing a place for people to get information about the game, as well as comment and follow progress about production.

If you want to contact me about the game, you may call me at 805.259.8458, or email me at